Benefits of Parks & Recreation


Parks and Recreation provides opportunities for living, learning, and leading full productive lives as well as avenues for people to experience purpose, pleasure, health, and well being.


Parks and Recreation creates opportunities to live and interact with families, work groups, neighbors, communities and the world.


Providing and preserving parks and open spaces enhance the desirability of an area as well as contribute to the safety and health of its inhabitants.


Parks, recreation, and open space are not mere expenditures but an investment in the future well being of individuals and groups as well as the continued viability of communities and the world.

The Benefits are Endless

  • Socially involved people are 2 to 5 times less likely to suffer heart disease
  • It costs 100 times more to send a teen to jail than to provide preventative recreation programs.
  • A national softball tournament accounted for over $300,000 spent in the local economy.
  • Juvenile crime dropped 24% during the first 13 weeks of one city's late-night recreation program.
  • Investments in waterfronts and open spaces attract new business.
  • Every mile walked adds an average of 21 minutes to a person's life.
  • Families that recreate together report greater stability and satisfaction.
  • 66,000 deaths annually could be prevented through regular physical exercise.
  • The fondest memories involve family outings and vacations.


"Recreation means to me and my family that we are spending the most important thing we have together - our time. Recreation activities keep us learning, growing, having fun, and appreciating each other's company. It creates positivity in all of us." Yvette TaFoya

"Parks are the heart of childhood. They provide a place to have fun, have picnics and socialize." Ben Brooks

"Recreation to me as a mother means a peace of mind knowing that my children are participating in an activity that they enjoy. It is also good for socialization. I know my children are making new friends." Renee Stanley

"Recreation is a learning experience that enables people to make friends, have fun and learn a skill together. For children, it gives them valuable lessons in working together, healthy and active living." Catherine Portz