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Moving or Municipal Citation

If you received a moving/municipal citation in the Village of Sussex or you have a warrant out, contact Lake Country Municipal Court by phone at 262-569-0920 or visit the Lake Country Municipal Court website.

Parking Citation

Parking tickets can be paid in person at the Village Hall or left in the drop box which is available 24/7 outside the Village Hall's main entrance. Tickets may also be paid online for an additional convenience fee.

Overnight parking is enforce between the hours of 2:00AM - 6:00AM on all public streets, highways, alleys, and public right-of-ways. In case of emergency, overnight permission may be approved through the Village of Lisbon sheriff's Deputies. Parking violations are enforced by citations in the amount of $25.00. There are signs posted throughout Lisbon indicating parking regulations. There may not be a sign on your street, but the regulations still apply.

Parking Permission


For your convenience, you may fill out the Village of Lisbon Parking Permission Form to notify staff of your overnight parking request. Overnight parking requests can be made three times per month.